Is not wanting flings or one night stands no relationship experience is better than ex's and other non-long term lovers right? ?


I am asking is getting the right person without all the drama and body of lovers better than all those foolish one stand stands and hookups some people do? each their own why waste money on women going nowhere 

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  • rick
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    1 month ago
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    Never forget that any relationship starts with ONE NIGHT. What you do on that first date may determine your relationship for life. Almost half of one night stands become long term relationships. You have to start a relationship somewhere. What's wrong with flings or one night stands? They are often the start!  Try it !

  • There's no one standard that applies to everyone.  It's what works for you.

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    Please write this again so as to make sense of what you are saying or asking as in its present form, it's totally "blank"

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Perhaps if you re-wrote this using correct English grammar and basic sentence structure, you'd get better, more useful responses to your question. As it is now I have no idea what you're asking us.

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