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Why is she so judgemental?!?

My friend who I live with has a large sense of humor. However she is very judgmental. We share an apartment and our parents pay our rent for us. I buy everything else for myself with my own money including groceries which I think is fair. I eat very healthy and buy salads and green beans and stuff and manage to stay skinny. My friend on the other hand dosent eat well at all and is constantly drinking soda and stuff which is fine. She just always makes fun of me for eating salad and lettuce. Another time I put apples in my salad with chicken and she started judging me again and laughing so excessively and was like “what are you doing? Who does that??” I kind of got fed up and said “well you don’t really eat healthy so you wouldn’t know” then I left lol. Also I take really good care of my skin and I freeze my products and she laughed and recorded one of my products in the freezer and put on her Snapchat. I’m skinny and have thought about modeling so that’s why I do all that stuff lol. In the nicest way possible, my friend is the complete opposite. She’s chunkier and barely washes her face and takes care of herself. Also her boyfriend came over who also eats very poorly and she told me he opened the fridge and asked why I had salad and green beans and was laughing at me. I know it sounds like no big deal but I’m constantly being judged in my own house. I think it’s wrong especially when I don’t judge her for eating poorly and not taking care of herself. What do I do?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Are you a full time student? Check out the housing board. I can think of no other reason why two young women would be sharing an apartment that their parents are paying for unless you're students. These are stupid petty arguments and your "friend" sounds like a bully. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Move away from her & stop being friends with her. A decent friend wouldn’t do any of that. 

  • 1 month ago

    They probably look like fat slobs. They like junk food. It is way to compensate for their shortcomings. They are likely future diabetic candidates and may develop cholesterol issues and will be at risk for heart attacks. By the time they realize the importance of a healthy diet, it will be too late for them. I suggest you just ignore them. 

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