How do you forget about losing your virginity?

I am a woman who's almost 25, and i'm still a virgin. I don't have any religious reasons for being one, but i have always thought of my body as being too gross for a man to be turned on by it. I'm naturally very hairy, and i grow thick dark hair everywhere a female shouldn't have it. I try to shave, pluck, and use depilatory creams, but these methods just end up irritating my skin, causing ingrown hairs, and causing my hair to appear darker and thicker when it grows back. The hair also grows back really quickly, which is frustrating and depressing. I'm horrified to be with a man because i'm fairly certain he'd find me gross and unfeminine. I haven't even kissed a guy for fear of him feeling a stray hair on my face. In addition to my hairiness, i have breasts that are saggy and pretty bad-looking, and i have a huge number of self-harm scars everywhere. I also have no hips, which i know men are biologically wired to seek out in a woman for childbearing reasons. With all of this being said, i think it's pretty safe to say that sex is not something i can have, even though i long to feel close to someone. How do i get rid of the craving for sex/closeness with someone when i'm too unattractive to be loved or desired?

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    First of all, there’s plenty of ways to remove hair. For legs and armpits, shaving is usually fine. Use a fresh razor with at least 3 blades. Mine have 6. Use a shave gel that’s meant for sensitive skin. I have to shave every couple days for armpits, and maybe once or twice a week for legs (depending on the season). These areas are not that sensitive. For pubic hair, I don’t shave. I just trim it very short to avoid irritation from shaving. I use an electric beard trimmer with no guide for a close trim. I use a razor to clean up the sides. No need to worry about arm hair. Everyone has it, including me (I have quite a bit). While most men prefer women who shave their legs and armpits, there are plenty who either like hairy women, or don’t have a preference. Some guys even have a hair fetish. Pubic hair is your private business, but if you want oral sex, keep it neat and well groomed. Lots of women don’t shave down there, and plenty don’t shave anywhere else either. The most important thing is to keep good hygiene. 

    As far as your body type is concerned, you are far mor critical of yourself than anyone else would be. There’s a lot of guys who will sleep with ANYONE, including gross women who don’t shower. I used to know a woman who was around 300+ lbs, didn’t shave at all, and showered around once a month (I’m totally serious). Surprisingly, she found plenty of guys who wanted to sleep with her. Not only was she not attractive, but she had terrible hygiene and smelled HORRIBLE. I’m guessing you look like a model compared to her. If she can get laid with her terrible hygiene, you will do just fine. Just try to take a little pride in your appearance so it doesn’t look like you’ve given up. Get a new hairstyle, put on some makeup, and get a new outfit. It will make you feel better about yourself. You just need some confidence. I recently gained a lot of weight, and I don’t feel pretty either. But I just put the thought out of my mind, and remind myself that even if I don’t like my body, someone else will. If YOU can learn to get past your body issues, there’s plenty of men who won’t even notice. They really don’t care that much about things like hips and saggy boobs. Most of them are just grateful that an actual woman is willing to sleep with them. Confidence is a lot more important than looks. 

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