where is the best Website to start Blogging for Newbies ?

I want to start  blogging  but I don't know how to blog what  do you blog about?? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Read the And whatever concept works  site

  • 1 month ago

    There's a few choices around.... blogger / blogspot (now part of google) is a popular spot for blogging noobs to get the ball rolling.

    The people behind the popular Wordpress blogging software also offer a free platform where your username acts as the subdomain, and it's easier to transfer over if you decide to upgrade to a more substantial blog using the Wordpress PHP script with your own domain name and web hosting later on.

    Some just use it as an online personal diary, others use it more like an online magazine about a particular topic.

    There's numerous books that can help (either paper or kindle downloads), such as:

    Blogging for Dummies

    Wordpress for Dummies

    The Essential Habits of Six Figure Bloggers

    Blogging for the Broke Guy

    How to Earn $5000 Blogging About Your Passion

    + many others....

    There's also some YouTube channels that cover that kind of stuff, with this guy being one of the better ones I watch when I can....


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

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