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Why Coca Cola, Budweiser And Others Will Skip It's Traditional Super Bowl Commercial Stuff For The Good Of America For Super Bowl 55?

Which Means For Budweiser (The Beer Brand) And It's Donations For It's Airtime And It's Actually Purchased By The Ad Council For It's Public Service Announcement Stuff For COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness And Yadda Yadda Yadda For The First Time In 37 Years That Budweiser Will "Sit Out" The Super Bowl Commercial And However The Budweiser "Bigger Picture" Commercial Does Officially Aired On TV Because It's A Commercial (Without The Flair Of A Super Bowl Commercial) Like No Other As A Compromise (Or A Deal/Accord) (Ask Cu Tie) 


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  • Adam D
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    But they aren't sitting out.  They've made sure everyone is well aware who donated that airtime by not producing a commercial.  That's a form of advertising.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because they didn't want to advertise a State Farm-sponsored Super Bowl and knew Patrick Mahomes is going to turn the Super Bowl into a immediate borefest.

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