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Would you break the law to please some child? in the sense of allowing him or her to fly the plane for a while,or to let them drive the car?

I am a huge fan of aviation recently on such our Polish discussion forums. Have I talked to one of our Polish pilots recently? I have Asperger Syndrome, I would like to get a pilot's license one day, but I don't know whether I will get a health certificate issued by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority, this pilot wrote to me that he does not have Asperger but ADHD and he had serious problems with obtaining an EASA health certificate, but he obtained a health certificate, class 1, entitling to professional flying, he wrote that he once took a little girl with him, a friend's daughter, she was 12 years old, he allowed her to control the plane for a while, although Polish aviation law indicates that the minimum age for piloting an aircraft under the supervision of an adult pilot is 14 years, he said that a pilot once let him fly a plane during a familiarization flight when he was a child himself, but he told her not to boast about it because he could have problems with our Polish Civil Aviation Authority

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    In the US there is no such law, at least for private aircraft, you can let anybody of any age operate the controls of a plane.  But if there was such a law, I would ignore it.

    I let any passenger, including kids, fly my plane, and I let my daughters drive my Jeep (off  road)  at age 10.

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     I have friends who own aircraft. I'm not a licensed pilot and I've flown some of their planes and so have some of their underage children.

     We just don't admit it to aviation officials.

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    No you don't want to break the law to please your child or anybody else's child obey the law it's the safe thing to do

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