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I set up my friend with the man who broke up my marriage. She doesn't know he's the man i used to have an affair with. ?

Should i keep it a secret forever? Me and her are friends but i wouldn't say we are best friends. we are just close friends. she knows that my husband divorced me but she doesn't know the reason why we divorced because i told her we just ended things because we weren't compatible. I knew she would never look at me the same if she knew my affair is what really ended my marriage.  anyways, this was last year me and my husband are back together now and we are trying to mend our marriage back from the destroyed trust. I will NEVER sleep with this man again. I'm not even attracted to him anymore. I've learned my lesson. I told the other man what we had was just an escape and that my husband is who i truly want.  While me and my husband were having marital problems I stupidly confided in this other man and eventually built up an emotional connection then physical which lasted about 6 months. I guess he got upset when I told him i wanted to end my marriage because once i stopped seeing him he then told my husband EVERYTHING. It's been one year later and he still makes snarky remarks about how my husband isn't the man that i thinks he is. He keeps telling me that my husband is the one that's cheating. I told him I trust that my husband isn't cheating and that i'm not leaving. he says i'm naive for staying and this and that but I don't care. I set him up with my friend who is single. I figured since she is single it won't be any problems. 


I gave my friend his number and all that other stuff. My friend seems interested enough.  They've been talking for a couple of weeks now and she said he's been nothing but respectful and kind towards her. 

Update 2:

She told me that she's trying to be his friend and start things off slowly but she is really liking him and his vibe.  The guy i had an affair with said that I should never ever tell her that we slept together last year. He said that she will stop being my friend but part of me feels like she deserves to know the truth.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    YOU broke up your marriage. This guy didn't do that. While his carrying on with a married woman is certainly a sign of his poor judgement it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a terrible partner for someone else. The real peril here is that if your friend and this guy become serious he may still be in your social orbit and that's probably not a good idea. 

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    You are not fed up asking this question?????????????

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    I would tell her.

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  • i + i
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    1 month ago

    No, you should tell her right away, 

    so that she know just what kind of 

    person she is dealing with -- and 

    by that I mean so she knows just 

    what kind of person YOU are. 

    [pretending this is a real story].

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Troll score 2/10. Try again. Fewer details next time, they're a straight giveaway.

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