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How come people think that it is terroristic threats to threaten to burn down a city?

So I got mad at my family for not wanting to list the house sooner and so I threatened them. I used a line that sylvester stallone said in a film and said that " You better let me move or else I will burn this freaking city to the ground on my way out." I told my friend that I told them that and called up a local pizza place and said that as a joke. My friend told me that I'm gonna go to prison for making that statement as he claims it is a "terrorist threat". I don't get how using a line from a movie makes it an terroristic threat. It was just a metaphor that I used to describe how ticked off I am. How come people think that it is a terroristic threat to threaten to burn down a city ??

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    1 month ago

    The answer is - "Because they are a whole lot smarter than you are."

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