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In the MCU, which superhero would have been the first superhero on Earth? Not the universe. ?

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    In the MCU?  I guess the Asgardians, who at one point lived in Norway would be the earliest confirmed superbeings on Earth.  

    However, if you take the SHIELD tv show seriously, the Kree were on Earth experimenting and creating the Inhumans pretty early.  Were they earlier than Asgardians in Norway?  I think so.  But do you take the tv show as canon?

    We're probably about to find out that the Eternals were around even earlier.

    But those are all just superpowered beings.  Not TECHNICALLY superheroes.  The Asgardians were just gods, not really superheroes in the modern sense.  Thor was an entitled a - hole back then, and other Asgardians would have been heroic at times, but they weren't going around being heroes for the sake of others.  At least, not as I understand the backstory.

    What about the Black Panthers?  Technically they were just superpowered kings of a very specific nation.  I'd say they don't qualify until T'Challa...and I'm not sure T'Challa qualifies.  In BP, he's just acting for his nation's interest.  In Civil War, he's there because his father was assassinated.  In Infinity War, the war kind of came to him, he didn't seek it out.  Was he a superhero?  Or just a superpowered king?

    So you could argue Captain America in WW2 was.  But again, he was the weapon of a particular nation.  Was he a superhero?  Maybe.  He was altruistic, but he was also fighting for a specific army.  Against the most infamous and unambiguously evil army of the modern era, sure, but he was a specific soldier in a specific army.  Alot of this stuff depends on your definition of what is a superhero.  How altruistic does that hero have to be?  Cap clearly became a superhero upon resurrection...but was he in his first movie?  I'd say yes, but I think it's debateable.

    At bare minimum, you have to call Captain Marvel in the 1990s a superhero.  She was superpowered, acting to defend all of earth, not just a particular nation or faction, and operating with a secret identity.  Granted, she doesn't START that way in that movie.  She's actually working for the bad guys (Kree).  But she thinks her team is heroic.

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    Thor, otherwise how else would medieval people know about him?

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    Like your last question, the earliest hero in the MCU not counting Thor was captain america in the early 40s. Unless you count the fact that in agents of sheild, coulson and the other characters time traveled back to the 1920s at one point. So technically they existed before captain america. 

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