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can anyone reassure me?

about modern computer screens/monitors,-ie- LED/LCD monitors- are they safe to use?....its just i spend a lot of time at my desktop computer and use my lcd computer monitor a lot, look at it etc.

so id appreciate your reassurances.

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    The screens are totally safe; more so than the CRT monitors they replaced.

    Problems due to long term use are caused by posture, viewing distance and focus range.

    Having things in the wrong places is likely to cause backache, neckache, eyestrain, arm pains or carpal tunnel problems, headaches etc.

    The only way the monitor itself can cause problems is if the text and details are too small, or fuzzy / not clear so it adds to eyestrain.

    Make sure you are in a proper seating position - look up "Desk ergonomics".

    The monitor should be around 50cm from your eyes when seated properly, with the top of the screen around eye level.

    And if you wear glasses at any time, see your optician and get some "intermediate" focus lenses for desk / computer work.

    [Programming computers for almost 50 years & a lot of that sat in front of various monitors].

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    i have been in the IT field for nearly 2 decades now, and i can assure you, they are absolutely NOT SAFE.

    i have lost all my hair, am slowly going blind, i just got audited, and my wife left me.

    also, the AIDS test came back negative, butvi just found out i have cancer. all because i used an LED/LCD monitor!

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    You're going to ask this question again later on, so why even bother?

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