Did I blow out my computer power supply?

I have a custom made desktop that I use for music recording. I was recording some tracks, and I got cold in the room I was in and got a heater. I plugged in the heater and turned it on (same wall outlet that my desktop was plugged into), and turned back to my computer to find that it had completely frozen up. After unplugging the heater, I tried to reboot, but it just would quickly power up and then shut off. After a couple tries of this, it ran for a little while, but then when I tried to reboot again, it did the same things- either wouldn’t power on, or would freeze up. 

Did I blow out the computer power supply, or could it be something else?

(NOTE: I had an issue months ago where the computer would randomly turn itself on and off after pressing the power button, but it wouldn’t even get to the home screen  at all. I believe it was fixed by going into the BIOS. Could this be a different version of that same issue?)

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  • 1 month ago
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    If the machine powers on, it may not be the power system.  If you get so far as to get something on the screen and it freezes, this points to system issues. I would try a few things.  First and foremost, even if you have to pull the HDD and put it in another machine, back everything up.  Then

    1) Try a repair of the system using a boot media (You can download a matching install ISO from Microsoft.) Also a surface scan might be helpful.  

    2) If everything is backed up, including install programs you have downloaded, you may need to do a full install of the OS and then reinstall all your programs.  

    I'm not sure what has happened here, but it is most likely NOT the power supply. When power supplies go out, they usually die completely.  Just remember in the future not to have a heater so close to your system. 

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