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How to respond to “None of your business.”?

This question kind of has specific context. I’m writing a scene where a girl sees a guy asking her freind really rude questions (about their race, gender, etc.) and she decides to intervene. The dude tells her to mind her own business and I’m stumped on how to respond to something like that because I’ve experienced it myself and it’s low key kind of embarrassing. The character is witty and smart-mouthed, which I am not, so I don’t know how to carry on from here. Any help?

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    I have to admit that my first reaction to that would be to say, "It's none yours either."

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    Smart mouthed gets you into more trouble in the real world.   All she has to say is 'leave us alone ', grab her friend and walk away.  If the creep follows,  get to a store or an adult and have them call police.  If he grabs either of them that's assault,  you kick hard to his knee and both run, then call the police and make a report. 

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    Not an answer, but my mother told me that when my Romainian-born adopted niece visited her in the nursing home, one of the residents said "You are not one of us".  My niece replied politely, "Thank-you for noticing that." and continued chatting with my mother.

    Let's see...

    "I can help my friend answer your questions." 

    To your friend, "It's unbearably stuffy here  Let's find some fresh air."

    I usually ignore that sort of insult when it is given to me; but it is right to intevene when a friend is getting it. It's said that the best response is to walk away. Get off the bus if you have to. I have heard black women give back the insults with shouts that ring throughout the bus. (Sorry for discriminating but no other angry women I've heard do it so well and for so long. I have used public transit and worked in a public library for forty years, and I have probably stepped on as many toes when the bus lurches. Ladies, and gentlemen, I am sincerely sorry and mortified when I lose my balance and collide with you. Blame not my color but my inattention or clumsiness) 

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    I'm horrible with comebacks, but I have a teenage brother...

    a smart- mouth doesn't necessarily answer back a statement directed to them, they thrive off of making their own this case, she would probably cooly ignore his comment and instead answer with something like, "listen up, her/his business actually isn't your business. Unless you're a thong, dont be up her/his butt." .....Or "remember when I asked your opinion?....oh wait, me neither."

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  • 1 month ago

    “Then tell me what my business is, if you can tear yourself away from interrogating my friend here.”

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