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Are my punches good or bad?

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I'm just throwing a bunch of 2 piece punches. There is no special MMA/boxing technique or anything.

Are my punches fast enough?


I'm Mattman - Thanks for the input. I see you have a lot of knowledge about this and I appreciate it.

Though, one thing I would like to reply to you is about having my hands up at all times. I know I need to do that to defend myself, but I feel as though my punches don't have enough power when I throw a punch starting with my hand at my chin, rather than at my hips. When my fist starts from my hips, I feel as if the punch has more power since it's a longer distance to accelerate with. 

Update 2:

Also, my thumbs weren't tucked inside my fists. They were on the side which they should be. And when you said turn the punch horizontal rather than vertical all the time, did you mean my punch needed to hook a little, rather than be straight all the time? 

Or were you talking about whether my fist was horizontal/vertical? 

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    I mean, if you really want to get into it FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES ONLY, they're not completely awful, but they aren't great. Your stance is off which is going to knock you off balance. You want to be more sideways. You're leaning too much into them, which is putting your body weight into keeping you upright and steady rather than into the punch itself. If you fix your stance, you'll then want to twist from the waist instead of your shoulders, and pivot on the back foot. Your swing is too wide, making you lose speed, power, and time, and you're pulling back slightly just before the punch which is not only a tell that you're about to swing, but also gives you less power than you think. A hard jab will be way more affective than swinging wildly like that. Your fists are too vertical. Half way through the punch, you want to turn them horizontal, otherwise you're going to end up breaking your hand, fingers, or more likely your wrist. Worst of all, you're constantly putting your hands back down to your side, when they should always be up covering your head so you can not only block effectively, but have less distance for your hands to travel to their target. Unless, of course, you're planning to sucker punch someone and somehow manage to get them in the first two hits, which honestly isn't likely to happen. I can't really tell, but it kind of looks like you're tucking your thumbs inside your fist. Don't do that if you are. They should be bent over the outside of the fingers between the first and second knuckles, otherwise you'll break your thumb.

    I know you said there's no technique or anything, but technically what you're doing is common in normal, everyday, messy street fighting. It may seem effective, but the minute you run into someone who has even one iota of knowledge of what they're doing, or even if they're just overall bigger/stronger, you're going to get destroyed. Learning some kind of technique could make all the difference, even against opponents you think you're no match for. You're not horribly slow, I'll give you that, but you could be way faster if you fix the stuff I mentioned above. 

    Here's two quick tutorials and a pic I just looked up that might help:

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    Remember, this is for self defense purposes only. If you can help it, never be the guy that throws the first punch, unless you have no other option. Good luck.

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