Is it safe for a stranger to be on Snapchat?

If someone you don't know wants your Snapchat, is it safe? I notice Snapchat has location on it but you can turn the setting off. I met a guy on a date site who wants to see it.

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    1 month ago
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    I noticed that a lot of people seem to be using that as a form of communication lately. Personally, it's probably much better than straight up giving out your phone number. I'd just do a double check on your privacy and security settings and make sure everything is alright and up to date, then make sure your location setting is off as well. Why anyone would even leave that on with that app, I have no clue. With that, it just becomes like any other messaging service but with picture and video capabilities, right? Just try not to say or show anything that is too revealing or that may infringe on your privacy some how. I don't know. It seems like it's a pretty popular form of communication, so if you're smart with it it should be fine. I think, but I'm not entirely sure, your Snapchat can also link to your other accounts like Facebook, Google, and Instagram? But you probably have to do that manually, if it's even a feature. Just make sure anyways that there's nothing linked to it that could lead him elsewhere, if you're worried about that. Even then, check your privacy and security settings on those things too just for that extra bit of safety. All in all, you shooooooould be ok, I would think.

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    i would get to know him first

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