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Normal for a female telemarketer!?

This female telemarketer is obsessed with me. I told her off already and I didn't even have to curse or raise my voice! 😂🤣

I thought y'all would get a kick out of it! She's calling from different numbers, same girl😆


She was giggling when I last talked to her!! Lol smh

Update 2:

She isn't trying to make a sale when I already told her she was running a scam buddy! She asked for Ronald Smith! The most generic name, that screams scam, I confronted her about it❗🤣

Update 3:

Oh it's not a telemarketer! It's a scammer! Claiming I went to her website for insurance and when I go to the website, it's a scam website! Do I really have to connect all the dots for you!? Did you take any special classes in school 😂😆!?🤓

Update 4:

Hi Ronald, thanks for using for your auto insurance search. we are working on your request and had a few more questions. Call us at 844-871-8509 to discuss (Reply STOP to opt-out)

Update 5:

Next time she calls I am going to talk to her and ask her how the scam works. I should start a YouTube channel or something! Start making money, cause I am smooth as ice with criminals😎🧊⛸️🚓🚔

Update 6:

Actually, one of my dream jobs was to be a journalist going to the deepest and darkest corners of this Earth and see how stuff is ran!🏃🏃‍♀️👟🥈 I was literally thinking about crossing the into the USA Illegally yet Legally if that makes sense😃😆 from Mexico and recording it with a GO-PRO so I can see how others do it. If I get caught, I have all my papers, so what are they gonna do, harass me for a few hours, then let me go!?🇲🇽🌮🌯

Update 7:

Copy this link y'all. She called again, but I am already restless from not sleeping last night, so I won't anser. She's most likely calling back tommorow. Check ... Actut she's calling me as I type this!.. check in tonight or tomorrow

Update 8:

Well I just answered! I said "Ronald Smith doesn't exist and this is a scam, tell me more" it was a dude this time and he said something really fast that I couldn't really comprehend, then he hung up❗😂☎️📞

Welp that's all folks!

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    She’s just trying to make a sale

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