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Can face be more faulty with time ?

How to feel less embarrassed to ask him I sorry but need to fix my face too much tension my life . I feel I can't fix these fault but myself . But I don't want someone think like I'm not emotional about it 


Like I don't care stuff I just want to escapebut this stuff is from time etc . I be quiet it's just too painful because I'm try but still say but u have to do that to be happy like I'm oversensitive about my face now 

So how to deal with that etc thanks tc 

Update 2:

No I mean for moral support because I can't do the same thing wait for this wait for that it's like too much etc and just find faults more. 

Like I just want tell it's time it's not 5hwt Im trying to be oversmart etc 

Thanks tc 

Nooo. Tc thx 

Update 3:

No u be quiet 🤫 I need escape I am not wait okay that why more problems face anyways 

Update 4:

I was ask how to tell him that is from time 

Update 5:

Because it's too emotional feeling for me 🥺 no I can't sorry 😐 bye 😿

Update 6:

Really I be okay but not if same stuff etc that why really hopleess without him really too much but I'm quiet 🤫 okay it's serious . No one wait please 🥺 okay tc

Update 7:

No is serious I can't wait this stuff anymore   too painful 😣

Update 8:

Is get worse because I'm depleted too much hmm 🤔

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    1 month ago

    WTF? Methinks you are a tad whacky. Time to chill or take a pill.

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