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How do I recover from seeing something SO bad? + the worry I'll be arrested for this accident?!?!?!?

four months ago while browsing porn blogs on Tumblr I came across something very bad. I was looking at normal porn and was jumping around on different blogs and they seemed legal and very normal. until I came across one and after I went down a bit on the blog I was an illegal gif of someone who looked very very young. I panckied and left the blog. I wanted to report but I left to fast in disgust that I didn't want to go back to it ever again. I can't get this out my mind and it's haunting me. And I also can't get over the worry that seeing something so bad makes me a criminal or that I'll be arrested even though this was seen on accident against my will. I didn't save or search ANYTHING like this ever. 

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    I've seen those strange illegal gifs pop up too. It's only a crime if you download it, have it stored on your hard drive, and share it with other people. Sometimes I go to a site to look at fully clothed models, but then all of a sudden a bunch of the content you're describing pops up. The internet is strange like that. It's happened to me off and on since early 2000. I think they shut sites like that down, but for every 1 they shut down another 100 are being made.

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