Can millimeter wave doppler sensors detect a supersonic projectile passing perpendicular to its antennae axis?

Would it be feasible to employ 60ghz millimeter wave sensors to detect supersonic projectiles and translate the hit or miss position of the projectile at the target?  Currently this is accomplished by several military popup target manufactures and is commonly known as LOMAH or Location of Miss And Hit. LOMAH is accomplished by a number of ultrasonic sensors placed on a horizontal plane directly below a target.  Hits and misses are calculated by triangulation via computer from the detection of the supersonic cone by the ultrasonic sensors.  Could ultrasonic sensors be substituted by doppler radar sensors and still provide highly accurate impact calculations?


The sensor I have in mind is the Texas Instruments model IWR6843.

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  • Jim
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I would think any MW or Laser detector would work better than an ultrasonic detector, as long as it could triangulate, and has the range

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