xbox one wont install games while in standby mode?

for about a week i noticed whenever i decide to install a game and once it starts i turn off my xbox so itll download overnight. when i wake up the next day i find it in my library and ready to play. but when i cliick it to play it says i need to search for it in store. the only way i can download the game is if i leave my system fully on. i checked my settings to make sure its set up to keep my games up to date and not have storage offf when xbox is off.i hard resetted twice the xbox, did a full reset of xbox(but kept my games and apps in place) and i still have issues installing games.i have had the xbox for 5 years(the first gen xbox) and im on it alot. could it be my internal HDD going out? i dont notice any issues while playing games on the internal or external. could it be a recent update from microsoft? i dont hear any noises coming from console other then the normal clicking sounds,which is faint, when i know my HDD is being used. what should i do?

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    You should check if you ticked in the box that says turn off storage when Xbox is turned off. Uncheck that box, the downloads need the storage. You can find this here: Settings --> Power mode & startup

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