Is my mom cheating on my dad?

So my mom’s friend has this new boyfriend and I overheard her and my mom talking about him while they thought I was asleep, and it got real awkward. My mom brought up him being black and how it happened. Now first let me explain that the reason it’s a big deal that he’s black is because we’re all Jordanian including my mom’s friend. My family and her are originally from Jordan where interracial dating and marriage is widely forbidden, especially with black men. So back to the convo her friend starts going off about how my mom is crazy for never having been with a black man at 37 years old with a “banging body” still, and how my mom only has one kid (me) who’s old enough to stay home alone now. She completely disregarded that my mom is happily married, and I was very shocked to hear my mom nonchalantly reveal to her “I’ve always found them overwhelmingly attractive but was too afraid of my dad and by the time he passed I was already married”...I couldn’t believe it because all my life she told me that when I was old enough I could be friends with black boys but not date them. Then her friend said “you are out of his league anyway, he doesn’t compare”. I was expecting my mom to defend my dad but she only halfway did it by saying “stop” in a laughing tone. Ever since that night which was a few months ago my mom’s been acting so different. She got a gym membership and has been going religiously 3 days a week and it’s actually working because her butt has gotten a lot bigger which


my dad has noticed but he has no idea what’s in her phone history. I’ve been sneakily checking it and she’s been searching so much creepy stuff on google. Questions like “do black men love a bigger booty” and “do black men like middle eastern women?” She’s also been watching interracial adult videos frequently, and has been looking up “black man/Arab woman couples” Also, when she goes to the simplest places now like grocery shopping, she wears more revealing clothing like tank tops and

Update 2:

short shorts, which doesn’t help because she’s very attractive. I’ve seen her get hit on by random men a couple times growing up but she would tell them she was married. Plus for her to be from a foreign middle eastern country and grow up the way she did you would never expect her to take a liking to men outside her race. What has gotten into her? Why is she acting like this now all of a sudden? I’m so scared should I tell my dad what I’ve been seeing and is it likely she is trying to cheat??

Update 3:

We are NOT Muslim we’re Christian so nothing I said is related to Islam.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't you know it is wrong to eavesdrop on conversations that don't concern you.  And you comments about your Mom makes me think this is not your Mom at all, I mean who looks or pays attention to their Mom's butts.  Its none of your business so stay out of it.  I don't care what culture, color you are what you are doing is wrong.  A lot worse than what your so called Mom may or may not be doing.  Leave adult things to adults child.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    let trump know about this he can help

  • susan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    When you write stories about your mother, you should label them as fiction so you don't spread false rumors about somebody. That can be very destructive.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, with me. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Worry about your own sex life, not your mother's.

  • 1 month ago

    Let's look at your data again; You say "... but my father was very scared and by the time he left I was already married". What are you referring to in this statement? You say that your mother is happily married, then you also mentioned that your father has already passed I think you can make better use of your time for some time study you are definitely not doing anything here except BS engineer.

  • 1 month ago

    I got a feeling this is some white Democratic beta male who's got nothing to do now that Donald Trump is out of the White House so he's got to go back to making up some cuckold fantasy stories

    Source(s): These Democrat beta male cuckolds and they're sick fantasies
  • 1 month ago


    Source(s): I feel it in my soul
  • 1 month ago

    Let's take another look at your information; you stated "...but was too afraid of my dad and by the time he passed I was already married”. What are you referring to in that statement?  You say your mom is happily married, then further down you mentioned that your dad has already passed.  I think you would do better utilizing your time to do some studies. You surely are doing  nothing here but BS ing.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Wrong question. The correct question is "Is my mom's child a troll who comes on Yahoo! Answers and posts elaborate fictions in the hopes of garnering responses, because I'm a bored attention-ho?" And the answer to THAT question is "yes".

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