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Is Tyrant Trump the closest thing the US has had to a dictator?

Let’s take a look at dictator-lite things Trump has done:

- wanted to send the US military into cities to squash protests (usually done in third world dictatorships)

- tried to invalidate and overturn an election, culminating in a violent insurrection against his political opponents

- wanted Biden arrested in the middle of the campaign (dictators often arrest political opponents)

- at the advice of Michael Flynn, Trump considered using the military to declare martial law and cancelling the election to retain power

- wanted ostentatious military parades in his owner complete with tanks, jets, missiles, and full troop battalions which we normally see in North Korea and the former Soviet Union

- multiple top psychologists have said Trump fits the profile of a malignant narcissist; a common denominator of the psychological profile of despots throughout history (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc)

- attacked and vilified journalists non-stop, calling them the “enemy of the people”

- called for a state media run by government, as opposed to the free press. State media is common in autocratic regimes like North Korea

- embraced, praised, and coddled Kim Jong-un to a bizarre degree



Anonymous: You’re wrong on all points and you failed to refute anything. That’s why you went anonymous, because even you realize you don’t stand behind your own trolling.

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  • 3 months ago
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    He was trying to be Putin-Lite. 

    He failed, miserably. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Lol the spin is strong with this one.

    1) wanted to quell riots dems were instigating.

    2) had a right to contest the election.

    3) wanted biden investigated.

    4) lol citation needed that he even though about it.

    5) ok why not.

    6) lol reputable doctors dont go diagnosing people they have even talked to.

    7) shown the media to be biased and pointed it out.

    8) called for a free press as opposed to the democrat run state media.

    Source(s): Fixed it for ya.
  • 3 months ago

    He tried and failed. We have a Constitution that works. The Judiciary stopped him cold.  

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