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Is cocaine made from plants?

Or do you have to add ingredients to get the “high” I’m curious because people say that marijuana is not a drug, they say it’s a plant. If that’s the case then pure cocaine isn’t a drug it’s a plant, right? 

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    --  Marc is totally correct.  Many drugs are derived from plants.  Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant.  Cocaine is derived from the cocoa plant after several chemical processes.  Opium come from the Opium poppy and can be processed to morphine and then, even after more chemical processes, to heroin.

    --  All have the chemicals within them to give you a "high".  Only "ICE", which is cocaine mixed with other pharmaceuticals that make it even stronger, and addictive.

  • Marc
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    1 month ago

    People who say marijuana is not a drug because it comes from a plant are just plain wrong.  Medical drugs like opioid pain killers come from plants and they are certainly drugs!  Cocaine is a drug derived from a plant. It is processed using a very complex process and harsh chemicals.  The leaves are treated in a way to extract the pure from of the drug.  People in countries where its grown chew on the leaves to get a milder effect.  It is a drug

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Being a plant doesn't make it safe. They are the source of so many of our drugs and poisons.

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