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Does face deteriorated if not same personality?


Age ya but mostly the personality to wait does it deteriorated badly stuff . Etc 

Update 2:

Thx tc 

Update 3:

Some people like that etc I don't know but it made my face deteriorate 

Update 4:

Age ya but like no more than that etc . Is it happen ?anyone else? Not rtroll . Just asking . Tc 

Update 5:

Sorry I meant to say some people age I meant say but does it matter if face deteriorating to age more etc ?

Update 6:

I mean does face deteriorating different based on age or something? 

Update 7:

Okay tc 

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  • 1 month ago

    @ Jean me and my twin I am a woman he is a guy, both 23, he always looked older than me, people never thought we were the same age, people always tells us they think he looks 4 to 5 years older. It goes by if you smoke, drink, makeup, etc. After menopause a woman ages quicker. Not before.

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  • jean
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    1 month ago

    women age quicker than men

  • 1 month ago

    English isn't your first language, is it? I have NO idea what you are trying to say. 

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