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Getting an in-house delivery during the pandemic?

I don't think there's a silver bullet to guarantee this will be 100% safe if there's any concern about pandemic, but what was your experience like to receive a big delivery (furniture or big appliances) that has to be brought inside your house?  Or getting a repair technician come inside your house.  I occasionally see house cleaners making in-house visit so experiences will vary widely, but I would like to know as much opinions as possible.

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    Of course, there are silver bullets to guarantee that you don't get covid during the pandemic and you don't need to hide in your house.Almost all of covid transmission is from "close contacts".  Close contacts are defined as within 6ft for more than 15minutes during a 24 hour period.

    - it's extremely rare to get enough viral load during "casual contact" (grocery shopping, pick up food, etc)

    According to the World Health Organization, you are 82% less likely to get covid if you maintain a distance of 1 meter (3.2ft).

    The 6ft guideline is not some arbitrary number.  It's outside the breathing zone.  Unless someone is a heavy breather, sneezes, or coughs the viral particles will fall to the ground before reaching you.

    When you have a delivery or repair person, you stay 6ft or more away and you have made it really really dang hard to get covid.

    If you want to protect yourself more or can't maintain distance - get an FDA approved KN95 mask.  They are about $40 for 20 on Amazon.  They can each be sanitized using the brown bag method and reused about 20 times. So 20 will last a year.  KN95 mask (FDA approved, well fitting) will filter 95% of viral particles.

    - And if you are still concerned, wear a cotton mask or face shield over the KN95 mask.

    And there is the personal things that we do.  People with sufficient level of vitamin D are over 50% less likely to get covid.  And covid doesn't like zinc and vitamin C just like flus and colds.

    This doesn't help with your delivery issue but depending on the study between 94-98% of covid transmission occurs inside. Which is why protests, presidential election celebrations, and Christmas caroling are not super spreader events.

    It's difficult to get covid if you try not to get it.  And you don't need to hide. 

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    I moved during this "pandemic". I used movers, got furniture delivery, had workmen in and out of my house.  No one got sick in my home and tbh im not worried at all about getting sick from this. Im more concerned about what this is doing to people, being isolated, losing work, not seeing family.

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    unless they are very ill and spraying virus everywhere, (which is doubtful) it should be fine. They are masked, gloved and wear booties often bring in a covered piece of furniture and leave. You arent near them.  I moved my entire house during the pandemic and with precautions was fine. You can spray with the lysol spray if you need to,

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