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Will Biden’s executive order mean transgender women (males) will be eligible for women’s athletic scholarships?

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    Yes.  Biden’s order indicates anyone who says they identify as a certain sex must be treated as that sex.  A male who says he identifies as female can therefore use the women’s locker rooms, try out for women’s sports teams snd be eligible for women’s scholarships.   Under Biden’s order a man who identifies as female is female.   

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    Unfortunately if you’re born biologically a male and transition into a female after puberty you will have a strength advantage over biological females. It’s a fact. Biological males naturally have more muscle mass and size than biological females which gives them advantages in many sports. 

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    There is ONLY two genders!!!!! MALE OR FEMALE. you have mental problems if you think there is more than TWO> 

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    Looking at any situation from the outside is difficult. The focus on helping transgender citizens be more comfortable in the world can cause questions and some might even be irritated. It would be nice to have Semi-Public Forums of discussion that allowed people to share ideas openly without hurting people publicly. 

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    Have you actually seen or even know any transgender women? They take estrogen treatments to physically become more feminine. Back in the 60s Dr. Rene Richards, a transgender woman, competed in women’s pro tennis but wasn’t even close to dominating or ruining the sport. Do you really think males would go thru what transgender women go thru to win at sports?? Do you protest when 11-12 year old girls play Little League baseball? Do you pine for a boy who could be on that team instead? Maybe you’re think of the Russian weight lifting team??

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    OK....the 'asker' here clearly is a TROLL, bent on dividing Americans.

    So to ALL AMERICANS thinking of answering this idiot, I offer this piece of Logic:


    The ONLY governing entity of THE Olympics is THE OLYMPIC JUDICIAL PANEL!!

    And there IS your 100% proof the 'asker' is NOT American--because if THEY WERE LEGIT, they WOULD KNOW President Biden CAN'T issue orders to The OLYMPIC Panel.

  • These questions always seem so ignorant of whats going on, its like you make a random assumption based on your own misguided previous assumptions...but of course.."like" might not be the right word...maybe "you ARE"  is more fitting 

  • helene
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes. This is the real "war on women."

    Or the war on real women, take your pick.

  • Its means your tax dollars are now going towards  hormone treatments and other gender realignments because this generation is confused about their gender. 

  • garry
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    4 weeks ago

    it means more government dollars going to private universities , the chouncilars rubbing there hands 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I don't think his E.O. addressed that directly, but it makes sense that if "transgender women (males)" count as women when it comes to athletic recruitment, team admittance, etc., then it will also count when it comes to awarding athletic scholarships.  If someone is considered a female, then they are considered a female.  

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