Spilled water on my laptop by accident. Will it be okay?

I've spilled water on my laptop by accident and I turned it off not that long after.I'm letting it dry now.Will it be okay?Or will it be permanently damaged?

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  • Laptops and liquids are a bad combination, but accidents happen. If you're reading this after a spill, the first thing you should do is turn off your machine, and then remove the power cable and battery as soon as possible.

  • Dick
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    4 weeks ago

    I think you'll be okay.  You did the right things initially but now you need to drive the moisture out of the case and keyboard.  So this involves heat to drive off the moisture.  Check out the top of your fridge.  If it feels warm up there it'll do for a place to get the heat from.  I'd open the laptop as wide as possible and lay the laptop up there in the warmest area.   Plan on just leaving it there for 2 or 3 days while the water evaporates slowly.  Once this is done you ready to give the laptop a try.  Install the battery, and then attach the A/C Power cord.  Attach any/all other necessary cables.  Hit the power button and let 'er rip!  No sparks is good ...  :)  Hopefully you're all set.  Good Luck!  

    Another thought ...  If you have a bright sunny window location that would be ideal also.  Just open the laptop up as wide as possible and lay the laptop in that sunny spot for 4, 5, or 6 hours daily until you are comfortable enough to turn it on.  The good news is that these days the keyboard module is relatively a sealed unit in many "regular" laptops, so the liquids removed quickly don't get a chance to do damage.

    Do this first:  Needed a can of compressed air.  

    Disconnect all power cords and remove the battery from the laptop chassis.

    With the keyboard facing up use the compressed air to blow out all the nooks around the keys.  It may take, a can or two, to dry it to your satisfaction.

    Once good and dry it's test time.

    Reinstall the battery and the power cord and hit the power button to boot it up.

    If all goes well we should have a full boot up

  • 4 weeks ago

    I agree with Lynn's response 100%.  Although another tried and true method has worked for myself and others time and time again.

    Duh turn it off, FORCE it off by holding power, remove the battery, anything electrical

    Then, bury it in rice!  Yep, rice  Rice is large enough it wont get lodge in the laptop (or it can be pulled out of ports easily) but it absoirbs water naturally!  Fudge a blowdryer, rice!  Too good to be true, but it works!!

  • Steven
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    4 weeks ago

    If the water gone inside the ports of your laptop, then it can damage. If you have doubt you can use dryer to dry your laptop. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Everyone often encounters water (or liquid) in the notebook during work. However, too many friends make mistakes, which leads to the huge irreparable loss of the final notebook. Today I will tell you how to deal with the water in the notebook.

    I believe that when many people see water, their first reaction is to find a cloth and paper towel to wipe it. This is absolutely wrong.

    Step 1: When we discover that water (or liquid or the like) accidentally enters the laptop, don't panic, unplug the laptop charger immediately, and save important processing documents, if not, press the power button for more than 5 seconds to force power off. Don't pursue a normal shutdown at this time, because if you wait one more second, water or liquid will penetrate from the keyboard to the motherboard components and cause a short circuit and burn.

    Step 2: Find a paper towel or cloth immediately after turning off the machine to absorb moisture on the surface. Remember not to turn over or shake the notebook, because when you try to throw the excess water out, the water that has penetrated from the keyboard will also spread out in the machine as you shake it, causing more The component area is short-circuited by water. So don't shake, just lay it flat. After treating the moisture on the dry surface, if the notebook has a removable battery, then remove the battery. If the battery is not removable, there is no way to operate it temporarily.

    Step 3: If you can disassemble, then disassemble the notebook, check every part, wipe dry the moisture, and then dry it with a hair dryer. If it is not boiled water, but a soup drink with sugar or other substances, then the location where the liquid has corroded must be brushed with a toothbrush with high-purity alcohol, and then dried with a hair dryer. Among them, the battery part and the keyboard part can not be blown at high temperature, because the battery is easy to burn and explode after high temperature. The plastic of the keyboard key cap is relatively thin and soft, and cannot withstand too high temperature and is easy to deform. Electronic components and PCB circuit boards can withstand high temperatures of more than 200 degrees, so there is no problem with the hair dryer staying longer. But do not touch the circuit board and chip with the blower, because static electricity will be generated when the blower is working, and it is easy to break down the components. It is best to leave a certain distance.

    Step 4: After all the cleaning is completed, the installation is complete, and it is almost ready to start the test. Judging from the situation of customer treatment of water inflow for many years, as long as you do all the operations right the first time. Then more than 80% of the water-ingress notebooks can be saved by cleaning, and the follow-up will not bring too much hidden danger and impact. If you do not have the ability to disassemble the laptop, it is highly recommended to send it to a professional and reliable repair point for disassembly and cleaning operations. Don't take a fluke. If you feel that your surface is dry, and the computer can still boot up and work normally, you think that there is no water in it and it's all right. Because the notebook has a slow penetration process from the keyboard to the motherboard shielding paper to the motherboard. It is very likely that you used it for almost a week or a month before the computer went on strike. Wait until this time to send it to repair, basically repairing is very difficult.

    The oxidation and corrosion state on the motherboard after the water has entered is really very serious. Don't be greedy for convenience and luck!

    Special attention: The best cleaning and rescue time for water ingress is within 24 hours of shutdown and power failure!

    Of course, I hope everyone’s laptops will not get watered!

  • 4 weeks ago

    if you don't have a problem then no problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you can't turn it on anymore then you will have your answer.

  • David
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    1 month ago

    Rice is a myth, unless there is just a drop or two of water, otherwise take out the battery, and get it to a local workshop ASAP. Don't attempt to power it on.

    Water and electronics don't mix, once you apply power an electrolytic reaction causes damage to the tracks and components.

    No-one knows the damage until it is inspected

  • Rayal
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    1 month ago

    Looking at it from here who can tell

    Buy a big bag of rice and bury your laptop into it after taking out the battery (if you can)  

    Leave it for 2 weeks and then try to turn it on.  Then you will be able to tell if it is damaged beyond repair.

  • 1 month ago

    That depends on many things, you will just have to wait and see....Good luck

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