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How do I teach my dog to not try and eat my food?

TW: mention of animal abuse

She keeps trying to eat my cookies but I don't know how to train a dog, and I don't like how my dad hits my dogs to try and train them because it's animal abuse. If anyone knows any good ways to train a dog please tell me, or send a link to a good guide. 

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  • Rita
    Lv 6
    1 week ago

    Reward him with a treat when he obeys and start replacing treats with praise and attention. Use the 'leave it' command when your dog approaches the table or people food. Having established the 'leave it' behavior, your dog should avoid the food. Be sure to praise him as a reward.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    pretend to choke on the food while your dog is watching you, then dog will get scared and wont eat you food again

  • 4 weeks ago

    lots of training videos on Youtube

  • 1 month ago

     • "How do I teach my dog to not try and eat my food?"

    As worded, that is a SILLY question, [Charlie].

    ☆1: How are WE supposed to know how YOU do it?

    ☆2: From the rest of your post it is obvious that YOU don't teach your dog, don't KNOW how to teach it, and that you frequently misuse the English language.

    ☆3: You also need to edit your [About Me]. Its current first 2 sentences are USELESS:

    🟩 "I'm Charlie. I'm just another person who asks questions."

    (1) Your call-name is already in the ID (= identity), so is superfluous.

    (2) The next 7 words may or may not be true - but they don't tell us ANYTHING about you. ESPECIALLY they DON'T tell us your AGE and what cultural & educational influences are working on you.

    (2a) AGE: As you've been in Y!A (= Yahoo!Answers) for 2 years, does that mean that 2 years ago you were 14, but are now 16? Or that you are 14 now? It is FAR simpler to state "I was born in 2004" or "I was born in 2006" - whichever is true - and it never needs updating! We DON'T need your birthdate - but we often need to know how OLD (within a 1 year margin-of-error) each poster is, so we can tell what historic experiences they missed out on, what events & influences will have had most effect on them, and what stages they have not yet reached in their education and awareness.

    (2b) INFLUENCES: The simplest way to indicate those NATIONAL influences is to state your nearest TOWN or CITY. If other places in the world use the SAME name, also tell us YOUR nation or state.

    (3) Surely by now you have realised that EVERYONE has something SPECIAL about them? It might not be what you WISH was special about YOU, but just accept that, while you try to achieve something closer to what you DO want to be.

    You then became more helpful, but not in your current first 2 "About Me" sentences. REPLACE them, please.

    So, moving on:

    🟩 "I'm  ❌14,❌  an atheist/omnist and autistic. I'm also a huge Pixar fan and hope to be a professional animator one day!"

    (4) Having moved the "14," into the first section as your birth-year, your second section will now start with "I'm an", and might encourage you to insert some actual SKILLS before your interests & "hope".

    (5) Despite being born in 1940, and - after Dad (when I announced that I didn't see any sense in learning to read) demonstrated his belief that "the seat of learning is low and to the rear" - I having done a HELLUVALOT of reading, I had never come across "omnist" before. Having looked it up, I don't consider that "atheist" and "omnist" are versions of the same belief-system - but I came to your question because of the DOG aspects, not its religious aspects.

    At this stage I don't know enough about you & the dog to do more than point out what SHOULD be obvious:

    🍲Prevention❗️ 🐩 begins with NOT leaving food where your dog can REACH it.

    • "TW: mention of animal abuse"

    I found no expansion of "TW" that makes sense to me. Please learn to type the WORDS you mean, so that there can be no confusion as to what you were THINKING but didn't express properly. Accept that many people in Y!A have English as their 2nd or 3rd - or even 4th - language. Much of the world (apart from Britain and the USA) insists that its children be able to COMMUNICATE with many "foreigners".

    • "She keeps trying to eat my cookies but I don't know how to train a dog"

    In canids, "she" = "bìtch" - a word Greataunt Yahoo is VERY prudish about, so we have disguise it a bit. Unfortunately English decrees that "masculine embraces feminine", so unless the male canid is a stud, it is clearest to use "bìtch" or "bïtch" or some other disguise to avoid offending the old shrew.

    NO-ONE instinctively KNOWS how to train a dog. If your father's method results in the pooch NOT stealing food meant for humans, it is EFFECTIVE. If she continues stealing food even when he's nearby, it is INEFFECTIVE thoughtless cruelty.

    You appear to not know how to add requested information.


    ★a: Click the ( Edit ) under your Question, then

    ★b: click the [Add Update] that will appear, followed by

    ★c: typing the missing information into the clear area that will appear.

    ★d: Then CHECK and CORRECT your typing, before clicking [Submit].

    Now answer my seven 💥Q-numbered questions:

    💥Q1: What are her AGE and BREED (or breed-mix), and how LONG have you had her? What does she currently weigh?

    💥Q2: Who CHOSE her, and for what REASON? Is she REGISTERED with your nation's one official kennel club? (If you're a Yank or Reb, only the AKC counts.)

    💥Q3: On your busiest day, how long is she "home alone", and WHERE is she during those hours?

    💥Q4: How many MEALS does she get per day, and what is each meal? Where does she sleep?

    💥Q5: Does your property have a back door that opens straight into a securely fenced back yard?

    💥Q6: Does you household have transport to take YOU and PUP to & from a weekly dog-training group? Have you phoned or e-mailed that club yet, to book a spot for about a year starting when you Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old?

    💥Q7: Does either of your parents have experience with TRAINING any kind of dog? If so, what breed(s) and what commands did that parent succeed in training?

    I was given my first pup in 1951±1. We were living 40 miles from the only city - and the route started with a tunnel through the top of Mt Messenger then had a series of deep river-valleys. Dad operated a butter factory (with Mum helping at a crucial stage each day) so I had no transport to the city (a training club probably didn't operate there then, anyway), and neither Mum nor Dad was a "doggy person", so I had to work out for myself what to do. That, plus the first 9 months of my 1967 bride's German Shepherd Dog pup, were trial-by-error. Both pups had very good characters and seemed to learn well. But we then moved into a city WITH a dog training club and my GSD did very well, and a year later I was asked to coach the newbies class.

    I'll hope that you have time to answer within 24 hours, and that I then have time to read them and give responses.

    • "and I don't like how my dad hits my dogs to try and train them because it's animal abuse."

    Not necessarily.

    The AMOUNT of force makes a big difference, as does what the pooch did and whether the force was IMMEDIATE or was delayed until the dog had been caught. When we got Caesar (my first GSD) we were surrounded by paddocks of sheep. Once he had settled in, I bought a lamb, and tethered here where Caesar could see her but not reach her as she nibbled the grass. Next day I put Caesar on-leash and walked him around the house - and every him he LOOKED at the lamb I flicked him with the end of the leash, growled "NO!" and jerked him away for another lap around the house. That being over 50 years ago I'm not sure whether 3 trips around the house or 4 trips around the house were enough for him to KNOW to not LOOK AT the lamb while walking with me. GSDs are, of course, one of the 3 fastest-learning breeds.

    • "If anyone knows any good ways to train a dog please tell me, or send a link to a good guide."

    Very few links (apart from the metal links in a slip chain!) are of any use to people who have never been IN a training class. Provided YOU are a social distance from any other human in the class - and you control your pet so that she can't interfere with any other dog - all should be well.

    My preferred "equipment" is (1) a lightweight straight-links slip-chain, and (2) a flat leather or flat woven nylon leash with a retractable clip at the slip-chain's end, and a loop at my end to go over my hand to grip my wrist.

    I look forward to tomorrow night & your responses.

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    get rid of it.

    if you have an annoying dog, then don't complain just live with the annoying or get rid of it.

  • 1 month ago

     You keep your food completely out of it´s reach obviously.

  • 1 month ago

    The word NO should be clearly understood by the dog.  Someone has been feeding the dog human food & now the dog expects to get some.  If it had never been treated with human food the dog wouldn't be begging to get it.

    You are right about your Dad ABUSING the dogs by hitting them.  Have you ever, in your life time, saw one dog hit another?  No.  Dogs do not understand this abuse.  Hitting & yelling in immature & no way to treat a dog.  This just teaches the dogs to fear him.  He isn't teaching the dogs anything by hitting them.  If he hits the dogs, he probably hits you too.  He is an abusive man.

    Put the dog in another room when you are eating & teach the dog what NO means.

  • 1 month ago

    It isn't rocket science.  STOP putting the two - together.

    You do not ALLOW the dog to get to your food!  Let's start with HOW: 

    Crate the dog, put it in a puppy pen, use a baby gate to wall it out of your area, or put it outside - when you eat.  OR close the door to your room; eat standing up with a plate in your, hand or from the counter top (if dog has *NOT* figured out how to get UP there).  ZERO training or hitting involved - just some different actions on your part.

    Feel free to google = how to train or teach "leave it' or the dog to do a "Down-stay". Use moderately attractive but non-dangerous dog treats or dog toys - for said training, rather than YOUR cookies.

  • 1 month ago

    Remove dog from your food, or your food from dog.   It's not rocket science, and 'leave' or 'drop' is one useful command you might work on too.

    If your dog is into food, when he tries to get into food, or does, you don't want, trade and then praise.

    NO HITTING because one day the dog will BITE.

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Away from temptation, teach the dog the 'leave' command...leave means leave once learnt the dog understands the meaning of the word and will leave...then teach the dog 'away' and/or 'bed' so you can commnd the dog 'away' or bed............ until you have done that eat them in another room from where the dog is/put the dog out as dogs are opportunist so take the opportunity to wait until you are not looking/leave them on the table and some untrained dogs will steal them out of your hand

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