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Why regardless how much I weigh I have?

Hi, I am wondering why regardless how much I weigh , I have so much thigh fat. When I was a kid my thighs were obese. And I have a hour glass where I always had a flat stomach, small waist, round hips, thick thighs, and I seem to be lacking a lot of muscle tone. I went down to 110 and could fit into size 1 but my thighs still had so much fat on them, and my breasts, my hips and butt got smaller though then the minute I stop a very strict diet I zoom back to 135 and I now just started working out again. Also, I don't eat meat so I don't get a lot of protein.  I do eat protein bars, peanuts, peanut butter. Any advice? 


and I am 5' 4" 1/2 and regardless how small I get I have so much thigh and breasts fat and round hips even though the hips go down

Update 2:

and another odd thing, women who have a huge stomach and huge all over calls me "heavy" low even though I am ten times smaller than them. I got sick of it and started attacking back.  I always have a shape regardless how much I weigh which is good but for my own confidence I would like to get rid of the fat more.  

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    It all comes down to genes. That can determine where your fat stores are placed, and how much goes where. 

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    Genetics can lead to some people having very muscular body parts, without them specifically working out to have large arms or legs (for example). Some people have a genetically pudgy face, even if they aren't overweight. Everyone's body is different in where it initially stores fat (until there's so much it gets stored all over the body).

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    if you had big legs before then even if you loose fat in your legs you could be left with access skin, if you are young, which it seems like you are, your skin will shrink back to some extent, but this may take a while

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