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I saw in my dream that a beggar girl stole all of my money...what does this dream mean?

I saw in my dream that i was with a lady older than me and we were count my money

Then a girl came to us to beg for money

And the lady i was with told her that we have no much more money than you

Then the girl said ok with very slow soft and cunning voice and she grab my money and gone away and run really fast so i could not find her because she had dissapeared with my money....

What does this dream mean???

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  • 1 month ago

    One has to look at the bigger picture, as it seems to be about a little thief. But the older woman was very unkind to this girl with no money, telling her, "We have so much more money than you."  It seemed to even challenger this girl to steal the money this woman was speaking of.  Your dream, with the mean older lady, seems to show that the little girl was led on into a Life of thievery.  

  • 1 month ago

    That you are worried about losing what little you have on some level.  

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