bakugan rankings?

as of first thirty to fourty episodes of battle planet no included evo

0 big beat - had points of 1700 near bos by itself 1 pegatrix due healing skill2 drago due sheer power and flame tornado it also took out an 600 bakugan in one shot with that move3 nilius - it matched drago before evolving more than once and almost won twice4 blue octopus - defeated drago once then loss5 blue ape - was able to match tripp without training and near os6 - trox highish defense also has a good win rate or at least helped alot despite being a low tier bakugan7 dog bakugan - always loses but fights very well8 dog bakugans dark partner - same record and skill level as dog bakugan9 cyndeous always lost but was able to fight drago got defeated but being a pyro always not burnt out at each end of the battles10 small bear - created black holes but was one shotted twice still this little guy could surpass big bear one day class z minus - ox bakugan little gorl starts off beating drago with it then loses and later on still gets one shotted by an low level evo bakugan 


not big beat big bear

Update 2:

little girl not girl

Update 3:

also excluded gold bakugan since even the gold dinos bakugan points not shown off screen could have went up to 7000 during its firs battle

Update 4:

tripp near bos then 5 not os

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    slow down dude and lol at exemping evos

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