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In the marketplace of ideas (hypotheses) is there a never ending task for the thinkers to keep up with the sheer output of the babblers ?


@catwhisperer, define your use of the word ‘truly’. Critical thinking and even just thoughtfulness is what I think the thinkers do. The babblers aren’t necessarily wrong, but they’re more interested in relationships and trading (in various forms) than truth seeking and truth checking

Update 2:

@anonymous, although your answer is a side point to my question, do you think thinkers shouldn’t lead the way on ideas, as if babblers will come to better conclusions?

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    "Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy [down to and including so-called 'babbling'] needs to be answered."--C. S. Lewis.  Howbeit, re babbling, the literate and gifted Mark Twain's "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt," and the kinder Proverbial "Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps silent, and discerning when he holds his tongue" also apply ;-)  So, yes, Babble-on does supply job insurance to all kinds of reasonable ones, including theologians, philosophers, psychologist-therapists, and scientists.

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    I'm not sure which category fits me best. I spend a TON of time thinking and then babble about it.

    While it is more of a process than philosophical, what I do is first try to set time limits on both overthinking stuff & then babbling about it. I even have alarms set on my phoneto remind me when it is time to stop being Socrates on a coffee high in the morning and reach conclusions on a particular train of thought...sadly, all too often AFTER- rather than before- babbling about it.

    A couple of the action steps to avoid getting caught up in a never-ending task intbis internet age are:

    1) I try not to help kods do their homework assignments, and

    2) I try to limit my wisecrack replies to the nonsensical.

    A third thing that I haven't come to terms with yet in on line forums is wasting time being upset by people who don't like my answers, are obviously trolling, or copycat what I say and get the "favorite answer" recognition which I so desperately desire because I am a Diva.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thinkers may be surprised to find that they do not have the monopoly on ideas.

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    Babble has been pervasive since language began.

    Thinkers, rather than trying to keep up with all of it, tend to ignore or radically filter, babble in favor of thinking for themselves.

    Yes, interesting ideas can originate in babble, but they tend to evolve and work their way up through the nutrient soup to a platform/level that is worthy of more attention.

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    First off, you have to discover if anybody is truly thinking or just "parroting" the current ideology.  Are new ideas being brought forward? Are new ideas being excepted, if not, take a hike.

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