Recently I carried many heavy boxes up & down stairs. Made several trips. Why are my hips & my back STILL in severe pain FOUR days later?

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    1 month ago
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    You 100% slipped a disc

    You clearly moved the wrong way going up the stairs, and a disc fell out of place, which is causing strain on your back, no doubt in my mind about it! I did the same thing a year ago, and no word of a lie, I was couch ridden for 2 weeks, and it took me an additonal week to feel 100%.

    My advice:

    1- Motrion

    2- When you sleep at night always use 2 pillows. 1 on your neck, the other on your back where you feel the pain, and make sure you sleep flat, avoid sleeping on your side

    3- Its important you move as much as possible- The longer you sit or lay still, the more the back will tigten up

    4- Book an appointment with your doctor, you need to see the extent of the damage. You may or may not need surgery.

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    You may have strained your back. Or worst scenario popped a disk. Take Ibuprofen for a week or so and rest. If it doesn't improve see a doctor.

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