what kind of laptop should I buy, I like flying simulators?

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  • 1 month ago

    because the makers of your simulators upgrade their programs every year or two, their hardware demands will increase before your new laptop dies or becomes obsolete.  Therefore, you need to buy more laptop power, especially in graphics, than the most computing power hungry simulator currently demands.  Check the makers of your simulators and write down their 'recommended' hardware.  You want something that is about two power levels HIGHER than this -- at minimum.  And, first thing you do after assuring that the new laptop runs your simulators is to upgrade [probably double at least] the RAM and perhaps the M2 SSD.  -- grampa  [the makers of these devices use small components to keep the cost down.]

  • 1 month ago

    One that has a big box and separate screen!

    Laptops are simply not good at running programs than need high-powered graphics cards and fast CPUs.

    It's not impossible, but you will likely have to pay twice as much than for a desktop system with similar performance and probably a longer life than a laptop.

    Look at the PC requirements on the MS flight sim info; if you want high quality and fast frame rates, you need to aim for the "Ideal" system:

    Ryzen 7 2700 Pro / i7 9800X

    RTX2080 GPU (not the mobile version) with 8GB RAM

    32GB System RAM

    And 150GB free space on an SSD to install it.

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