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What are ways to help an 11 year old communicate better and improve their thought process  ?

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    Sadly, you aren't giving much information here.

    So, let me play detective to give you an answer:

    Has the school contacted you about the child's inability to verbally communicate or communicate in writing?  Is the school concerned about his thought process?  If so, then ask the school to arrange a psychological exam for your child to rule out learning or developmental disabilities.  Schools have psychologists on staff and testing can be done through the school.

    Also, you may want to take the child to his or her pediatrician to rule out a hearing, cognition or developmental disorder.

    Lastly, engage your child in conversation by reading a book to him or her and asking questions about the story or character as you go.  Just talking to them about the video games they like or programs on television is a good conversation starter.

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    your kid is just dumb

  • Petter
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