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Mole on my nose that is constantly changing. ?

I am covered in moles, and I have one on the left-side of my nose, however, it constantly changes with regards to how dark it is. I have had it for the past 4-5 years and it hasn’t changed regarding its size (1-1.5mm) but it does change regarding how dark it is. I’m olive skinned, and at the moment it’s so light that it’s barely visible, a week or two later it may become a lot darker to the point where it is very visible, and that’s the cycle. 

I have a mole on the right-side of my nose which is a bit larger (1.5-2mm) and it has remained the same and does not alter at all. 

Anyone got any idea to what’s going on. I want there to be a probable cause for concern before going to a dermatologist since they cost a fortune even for a simple check up. 


I should add that I’m male, 25 years of age. 

Update 2:

Also it’s very symmetrical and round. 

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