What does "charging" mean in this context on hardware/software platform?

I'm looking at a document about advanced hardware/software platform, and what does "charging" mean in the context with the following sentences?:

"It uses the charging gateway platform developed by XXX."

"Based on the charging interfaces of XXX switches, this software platform is a universal platform for charging data collection. It provides multiple interfaces such as Rf, Bi, and OMi.""Meeting Charging Requirements""It processes ACRs and generates CDRs to meet the charging requirements of carriers. The charging accuracy can be one second, 10 milliseconds or 100 milliseconds."

Does anyone know this charging means like asking payment, or giving an electric charge, or something else??



Thank you David. Now, about the sentence “this software platform is a universal platform for charging data collection”, is it “for charging the data collection”, or “for charging-data collection”??

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    It means collecting the data used for charging the subscriber.

    For example, your smartphone: When you turn on your smartphone, a whole bunch of things happen... one of those "things" is the phone is authenticated to the service provider's network. This allows the phone to connect to the service provider's antenna, base station, base station controller, and ultimately lets you make/complete a phone call.

    All the data that identifies your smartphone is maintained in a database. When you make a call, the tracked data includes the origination point, termination point, your phone's identifiers, the far side phone's identifiers and the duration of the call... among a whole bunch of other data.

    The charging collection server takes in all this data... and the cell phone service provider *can* charge your account for the call. These days, per call charging is not common because most folks use some sort of flat monthly fee that covers voice, data and messaging... but the data is still collected... You see that in the monthly billing that provides the call detail activity of the phone. It is also how international calls are individually billed.

    The same "charging platform" could be provisioned to track "Software as a Service" (SaaS) where the app used by the subscriber is cloud-based rather than installed on your computer. When the subscriber logs in to use an app, the charging platform collects the information that allows the provider of the app to charge however their business model says to charge the subscriber for using the app.

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    Is means charging for data usage i.e. paying for data usage

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