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Okay looking for advice on best way to make my hair curly without heated rollers or curling irons as during lockdown my hair has grown out?


Forgot to say that I am a guy and must admit my hair is long enough for my mum's old brush rollers😷

Update 2:

Well set my hair earlier after a few attempts and re-wetting of my hair I managed to set my hair.

Must admit the rollers in my hair makes me look like a female.

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  • Audrey
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    1 month ago
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    Wash your hair and set it in rollers. Allow it to dry naturally. No heat or blow dryer. It will look great.

  • There are rollers out there that don't use heat. Set them in your hair while it's damp with some gel. Let them sit until your hair dries or overnight. You may want to put a shower cap over your hair if you're doing this overnight so your hair doesn't get too messy.

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