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Santa at my school has a scat fetish?

I'm a kindergarten teacher, and I like to think of myself as a valuable member of society. I obey all the laws and work weekly at the local soup kitchen. There's only one little character flaw. I'm seriously addicted to scat porn. I know working with young children who can't control their bladders isn't the best job, but I love kids. Anyway, I have a serious dilemma. My school has hired a Santa for the week to do workshops with all the Catholic kids. I'm not the most Christmas oriented person, and I opted to supervise the Muslim kids on their week of community services, but as my luck would have it, I was put on Santa supervision. This is where it gets awkward. The man who plays Santa is in porn. I've seen him on one of the scat-fetish videos. I know this is too disgusting to imagine, but I don't want to tell anyone. How do you tell someone that Santa is a faeces eating women screwer? Not only does he do scat, but I've been on his blog where he talks about eating his own poo and going to public bathrooms and ....anyway, what do I do?

I would appreciate civility and decorum. Thank you.

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    What should you do? Save this question for December, when it would be relevant. And tell your supervisors in a polite manner that Santa has very little to do with the birth of the Christ child, particularly three weeks after the Epiphany.

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