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What movie takes place in maybe the 1700-1800's?  the main character is a young woman with a scar(s)?

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    Les Miserables......retells the events of  a short lived 1832 insurrection. 

    It was NOT about the French revolution, as many falsely believe it is. 

    That occurred years earlier, in 1789....... which in some versions is when the very young  Jean Val Jean is first arrested and sentenced to 5 years in jail.....which then turned to nearly 20,  because of his repeated escape attempts. 

    In some versions, he finally escapes, in others, he is actually paroled,  but then breaks his parole...........both crimes, for which Javert then devotes his life to catching him. 

    So theoretically  the story does start in the 1700's.....but most of it takes place later in the 1800's. 

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