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Which would you say is LeBron's worst Finals loss and why?

2007 I did not expect a 22 year old kid to beat the Spurs who had already proved themselves

2011 - biggest superstar meltdown ever. choked in games 4, 5, and 6. Did not show up in the 4th quarter during those games. he did not have a reliable jump shot and did not respond well to the mavs zone defense (like the raptors and heat locking up giannis)

2014 - lebron and company got blown off the floor by a RECORD FINALS MARGIN. that is an under statement cause if you watched that series the heat were getting killed by the  ball movement and 3 point shooting of the spurs who looked like they really wanted it more. lebron had good stats but he started scoring when the spurs were already up and stopped playing defense.

2015 - he had been to like 5 finals at that point. the warriors were just coming to make a name for themselves. lebron had them 2-1 with game 4 at home, and he shrank. he could have won that series in 6 cause at that point the warriors did not know what it took to win a series.

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    The one where he got owned by Kahwi Leonard.

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    2011 since it was a complete debacle by the heat, as they were even seen mocking dirk nowitzki who was sick during the finals.

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