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Does Canada have the same retail stores as the USA did when we were there (in USA) on holiday from UK in 2019?

What are some retails stores, big and small, in Canada?

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    Some are the same and some are not.

    Too many to list here.

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    Not really. Half of them are gone broke anyways for the pandemic.

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    No. Some of the big ones like Walmart and clothing brands in malls have locations, but there's far more variety in the US. 

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    There are some US-based stores in Canada, but not that many, and which ones you find depends a lot on where you are. In big cities you will find more of them. In smaller places, not so many. There is Wal-mart just about everywhere. I'm not going to try giving a list of retail stores in Canada. There are hundreds, thousands of them. Where would I start? Where would I finish?

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    Yes we have wal mart, old navy, the gap, banana republic, marshals, american eagle, H&M, Victoria secret, bust buy in Canada and many others. But some have permanently closed, mainly due to covid 19, and some of them just went bankrupt.

    HBC is actually owned by an American retail group, NRDC Equity Partners, but it started out as a Canadian department store. 

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    Not really.  Some, but there are unique stores in each country.

    Walmart is in both, but Canada has the Hudson's Bay Company (the Bay) which is the last major retail chain in Canada.  It has been going since the 1600's, and is the oldest company still running in North America.  The big retailers are in decline in Canada, and most have gone now, and the Bay is looking like it's days might be numbered as well.

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