how does the manga work for tokyo ghoul?

i know nothing about manga bc i'm an anime only and i started watching around a year ago. i just finished season 2 of tokyo ghoul and i heard that tokyo ghoul re is terrible so i wanted to try and read the manga. the first 2 seasons are so good, and i don't want to ruin that by watching a season thats not even based on the manga yk? i heard that season 2 ends on chapter 60? how many volumes is that? can someone give me like a description on how manga works? sorry if this sounds dumb but i have so many questions and i don't have friends that like anime. thank u :)


how does buying manga work? i know barnes and noble has a section so i wanna go there but i can't atm so i've been looking at amazon. i see that there's a box? that costs $160 so idek. can't i just buy volumes one by one? is manga expensive too or is just like regular books?

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    Sometimes chapters are extra long and so there will be less per volume, but it looks like for Tokyo ghoul there are 9-10 chapters per volume. And volume 7 starts with chapter 59. I would just read the whole series if you want to read it tho, because sometimes manga could have certain differences that makes it confusing to start in the middle. Plus its good practice if you've never read manga before, it takes a little bit of work to get used to reading backwards. Update your question with more information you need because I wasn't certain how to answer "how manga works."

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