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Why is Darwin's theory of evolution considered to be a strong theory?

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  • Matt
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    The theory of evolution is the most tested theory in all of science because of the controversy that surrounds it, there is yet to be anything that has disproven even a part of it. in fact every time someone tries to disprove the theory of evolution they only make it stronger because what they thought for sure would disprove it ends up proving it, for example, there was a hypothesis by those that wanted to disprove evolution that we could not have come from apes because we have 23 sets of chromosomes and apes have 24, the fact that apes had more chromosomes than us would suggest devolution, well there is an interesting thing about chromosomes, at their ends they have telomeres, and in the center is a centromere, well on human chromosome 2 there is evidence of a fusion between two ancient ancestral chromosomes as there are two centromeres, one of them is deactivated and telomeres that are not at the ends but between the two centromeres, and they are twice as long as normal telomeres, showing that two chromosomes fused together at some point in our history to form human chromosome 2

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    Yes. Evolution is a strong theory. I define Evolution as - "adaptation over a long period of time." If you think about it, any creature that has "adaptive features" evolved from earlier creatures. An alligator today, has antibodies that its 150 million-year-old ancestors did not have.  So, if you transported a pre-historic alligator to a swamp in our present time, then that gator could die from a disease that its descendants have an immunity to.  Creatures' immune systems are proof-positive of adaptation and evolution.

  • Anonymous
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    Because it is the only logical and reasonable explanation for the mountain of facts we have collected. It has never been falsified. 

  • Dixon
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    Not only did its succeed in it original purpose of explaining the variation of life on Earth by generalised ideas of heredity, variation and selection, but further advances in archaeology, the scientific understanding of DNA etc. have provided details about how exactly the mechanism works. Some internal details have changed since Darwin fleshed out the core concepts but those basic principles of heredity, variation and selection that come together to be the theory, they are always key and there is no other competing theory.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    actually it is a "swiss cheese" theory

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