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why does hand sanitizer smell like vodka?

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    4 weeks ago
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    Because it has alcohol in it.

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    The smell could be ascribed to the soul business' day of work to delivering hand sanitizer in the beginning of the pandemic. Back in March, with an end goal to support the flooding interest for hand sanitizer, refineries ventured up to make the item.

    Take Philip McDaniel, CEO of Florida-based St. Augustine Distillery, who acknowledged he could help defy a public emergency pretty right off the bat.

    "We were battling a battle against this thing and there was no hand sanitizer," McDaniel reviewed. "I began exploring and acknowledged we can make this stuff inside ― so we began doing it."

    To make such an alcohol, soul organizations start with refined liquor, which is ethanol. Ethanol additionally turns out to be the essential fixing close by sanitizer, a reality that situated the alcohol business to enter the disinfectant market.

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    4 weeks ago

    because hand sanitizer contains alcohol, but its a kind of denatured alcohol (isopropyl alcohol in most cases) that's not safe to ingest and can make you very sick if you drink it

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    Because you drink cheap vodka.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    "Essentially, you're taking the impartial soul that you use to make [vodka or tequila or another spirit] and you use it as your premise to make hand sanitizer," McDaniel clarified. "It's called nonpartisan since it's impartial of shading, it's unbiased of flavor and it's unbiased of taste. Actually, it ought to have zero" fragrance.

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    you eating vodka ?

  • Hand sanitizer often contains Ethanol, which is one of the core components of alcoholic beverages, and responsible for their euphorizing effect. 

    As vodka contains A LOT of ethanol, it is no wonder that it smells like hand sanitizer. 

    Don't try to drink the latter though... 

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    Because it's label was written in magic marker and you bought it from someone selling it out of the trunk of their car.

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    It smells like alcohol because they use real alcohol to make it.

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