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How much of this honest movie review is accurate?

"after watching the film several hundred times over the course of 5 days, paul blart mall cop 2 has some seriously deep horror undercurrents most people overlook. so what was the director trying to hide in this seemingly benign comedy? I hope more anons will see the truth."

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  • @AdamD, not if you run it on multiple screens.

  • Adam D
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    1 month ago

    I suspect anyone watching a film like Paul Blart hundreds of times over 5 days has done some sort of brain damage, possibly irreversible. 

    Paul Blart 2 has a runtime of 90 minutes.  In a 5 day span, there are only 120 hours available - even without sleep, the film could only run at regular speed 80 times in 5 days.

    EDIT:  Bunnies, that would require 4 screens simultaneously to get "several hundred".  I don't know if a person can simultaneously watch 4 screens, and if you're watching the same thing at the same time on 2 screens, does that count as watching it once or twice?  Either way, going down this route only supports my first sentence, that the person in question has some sort of brain damage - which is a risk anyone is taking watching Paul Blart, no matter how few times.

  • 1 month ago

    anyone who watched Mall Cop 2  "hundreds of times"  needs serious mental help. 

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