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What pre-bedtime snacks are the easiest to digest?

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    The same foods that are easy to digest any other time of day: toast, white rice, bananas, applesauce, eggs, and more. See the source article #1 for a list.


    No, it's not true that anything you eat right before bed is stored as fat. Your metabolism runs 24 hrs/day. See article #2 for info on that. The key is to make healthy choices, and not snack on junk food at night.

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    None. Water.  Eating before bed is a bad habit. Your body doesn't need any fuel when you are going to sleep.  As a result, the calories or "fuel" will be stored as fat. Further more, lying down with food in your stomach will increase the likelihood of having heartburn.

    Drink some camomile tea with a little stevia in it instead. 

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    Ease of digestion is incredibly subjective. 

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