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What’s my solution?

I’m a woman in my thirties living with my parents.  The reason why is because I was told due to my disability that I’m only capable of working part time.  I’m also on the pension and I pay rent.  Do my own chores, cook meals.  Buy my own clothes.  I’m grateful that I have somewhere comfortable to live with people I love, but I wish I could move out and live on my own.  The only problem is money.  Should I try to save up for a townhouse or just accept that Sydney’s too expensive to buy a house on a beer budget?  My parents own their own house.  

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    Stay where you are and put the beer money into a home addition that gives you more privacy.  As long as the arrangement is good with your parents.  Check with your parents for ideas.  For example, simply having a bedroom addition with a small kitchenette, bath and another exterior door for you to use (say on the back of the house) will give you and them a lot of privacy.  

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    You've been told you're only capable of working part time. You inhabit your body - is this true, or would more hours be possible?

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    Would your parents be willing to consider allowing you to have the basement with your own door - a basement apartment?  Or a property with an annex to the house? It's a lot to ask but unless you earn a professional salary, it is unlikely that you can afford anything on your own with just a part-time salary.  Many people have a hard time making ends meet on a full time salary.

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