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Does Google Photos analyze my photos in my phones gallery also?

Nudes of me and my girlfriend on my phone got deleted. My gf does not have permission to my phone.Google Photos is not my main gallery app also. I also have another default gallery app that doesn't analyze my stuff. Keything here is that I am logged onto my Google account on my phone

but I have sync and backup off

so I thought Google Photos wouldn't analyze my photos even if its in my gallery? Does anyone know if this is true? I know their is a ToS but I assumed it is for using their cloud. Google Photos is not my main gallery app also.

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    Many camera apps will store files on a microSD card, if one is installed.  MicroSD cards (especially cheap ones) fail at an alarming rate.  If a microSD card failed in your android, you might not notice...other than some pictures go missing.  Even your camera would continue to work would just fall back to storing pictures on internal memory.  

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