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What are the benefits of taking a social media detox? ?

Hiatus to be specific, I'm taking an official hiatus from twitter due to excessive bullying, etc. I'm curious to hear from other's experiences, so to see if I'm not alone in that regard. 

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    maybe they'll forget about you and stop bothering you, i has someone threaten me here, i only found out cause the police called me about it, they were letting me know and checking to see if i was okay, i took a couple of wks off ya so the person would forget about me and stop, i think the police mightve found him or her cause they never bothered me again

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    this is as social media as I get. Never experienced Twitter, Facebook,  any of it. Occasionally I come to sites like these to see what my fellow Americans are up to. I would say the benefits are free thought.  Everybody seems uptight as hell on here. I also don't get how your political view becomes your identity? I prefer slumming in the seedy underbelly of society. We have better conversations. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Social media can be very informative but very draining since everyone is able to voice their own opinions . It becomes a toxic warzone . No one can ever agree on anything 

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