Where to take a used car to get checked up?

After buying a used car, I want to see if anything needs to be addressed with the car. For the record, the car drives great, and there are no check lights on, however, I do want to get it checked to see if anything is in need of attention so I don't get a surprise down the road. Where should I take it? I know the obvious answer is a mechanic, but Im a student and money is sort of an issue. Any recommended places, that might check the car for cheap? I can address any issues as they come up and what I can afford, just the initial check up has me confused on where to go. 

Walmart, Pepboys, Firestone???

btw I live in the SouthEast


I guess I should have added that I got that car for dirt cheap, as it was a gift from a family friend who moved countries. I paid less than a grand, and that was on my insistence because, I felt bad, otherwise he would have given it to me for free. 

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    for a student i guess common sense is not a subject you have studied much ..you do a lot of assuming ..you seem to know that we know what type of car ..the year and mileage as well as service record etc this wondercar is ...and as its a world wide site we also know where you live mmmm.crikey!!..you just might be smarter than all of us!..weaare enthusiast ...not mind readers

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    All the places you listed are not reliable to find a good mechanic at. Try looking for private shops in your area.

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    1 month ago

    South East of what?  The web is Global dude.

    You are a student? Then check at your college for the vocational school(where there R carpenters, welders, auto mechanic repair, auto body repair courses going on there and see if they will look at your car.  Usually they are always in need of vehicles to work on and the INSTRUCTOR(who is a mechanic) makes sure they do their work right. So at most it costs you PARTS if it needs it.  The work is done for free. Just say you are a student. and yeah you get a deal.

     You can't beat that ANYWHERE.

    Oh, and I am North West. (just as freaking vague as you)

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    1 month ago

    Not Walmart, Pepboys, Firestone. Most of the time they don't have real mechanics. If you already bought it, no need to pay anyone to check it unless you have a problem. I mean, the tires are not worn out, it does not run hot and it has oil, right?

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    1 month ago

    Best to spend the 100 bucks (certified mechanic) BEFORE buying the car not after. Likely save you more than that to finalize the deal. 

    Turn your location on for google and search this - "pre sale car inspection near me" call around check prices and what they actually check. Compression Check would be more expensive but worth it IMO.

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